DROP IN PLAY - ALL Skill Levels:  

Mondays - Fridays;  9:00 am -11:00 am

No advanced sign up required. All players of any skill level are invited and welcome to play.  Drop In Play allows players of different abilities to play together, socialize, exercise and work on their doubles play.  It is also a time for the higher level players to give back to the sport we all love and offer encouragement and tips to the learners. Deb will be facilitating Drop In Play to ensure that all players, regardless of skill level, can have a fun time.

Look for "Up the River, Down the River MONDAYS", "Round Robin WEDNESDAYS" and "Challenge Court FRIDAYS"!



Intermediate (2.5 - 3.0)  $30/player

Mondays;  Noon - 1:30 pm

These clinics are geared toward the player who wants to continue to improve in all areas of the game in a fun and friendly environment.  Focus continues on stroke development and proper mechanics.  Drills are aimed at improving tactical skills such as consistency and accuracy.  Shot selection and court positioning are the focus during 30 minutes of game play at the end of each session. 

Beginner/Advanced Beginner (2.0)  $30/player

Tuesdays and Fridays;  Noon - 1:30 pm

These clinics are focused on new players wanting to learn the game of Pickleball.  Basic court fundamentals are taught as well as the rules, scoring, on court safety and etiquette.  Each week a different technical skill is presented as well as building upon skills presented in previous weeks. Game play is initiated. The primary objective is to provide an enjoyable experience for all.


     ADVANCED SESSIONS (3.5+)  With Pro approval.  

     Thursdays;  11:00 am - 12:30 pm

     These clinics are for the avid player looking to take their game to the next level.  Specialty       shots, patterning and doubles strategies are taught as well as the 'why' and 'when' to use       them.  Advanced drills focus on competitive play situations.  Game play addressing court       positioning, and shot execution/selection takes place the last 30 minutes of each session.


Semi-Private Lesson (2 players): 90 minutes ($55/player)

3 and Me: 90 minutes ($40/player)

Groups of 4: 90 minutes ($35/player)


     Contact Deb to arrange a session. She will reserve a court time with the Pro Shop and will       confirm with you once scheduled. 

     phone/text @ 231-730-9660 

     email at dlmm10s@yahoo.com



Private/Semi Private/ and Small Group Lessons: Deb is available for private, semi private, 3 and Me and group lessons.  

Contact Deb to arrange a session. She will reserve a court time with the Pro Shop and will confirm with you once scheduled.


Book Lessons direct with Deb via phone/text @ 231-730-9660 or email at dlmm10s@yahoo.com


In order to provide clients an environment conducive to learning, lessons will be cancelled at Deb's discretion, due to high winds, extreme temperatures, rain or unforeseen circumstances.

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