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Debisms and
other popular sayings


Have you heard Deb tell you "wait to be invited" or "Chest High - Let it Fly?"  Below are many of her "quotes" and other sayings she has picked up from others that you will undoubtedly hear on the court: 

*We play SMARTER, not harder.

* RESPECT THE NET, says Dave Weinbach:  The net is a sure point ender - try REALLY hard NOT to go there!

* DOWN THE MIDDLE Solves the Riddle:  There are a number of reasons to go down the middle.  The net is 2" lower; it can cause confusion (whose ball is it); you have more room for error!

*Practice Does NOT Make Perfect - PERFECT practice make PERFECT!

       (Lou Gehrig)

Non-Volley Zone (The Kitchen):

*NVZ- play CHESS, not checkers.


* NVZ- You want to be ROOM TEMPERATURE BUTTER (soft, smooth, fluid and supple) not melted butter (lazy) nor frozen butter (stiff).

* NVZ - Make your opponent feel AWKWARD and UNCOMFORTABLE.  "Scott Moore"

* NVZ - Manipulate them SOFTLY.  "Scott Moore"

*GREEN LIGHT - Pull the trigger

  YELLOW LIGHT - Proceed with caution. Use as point builder, not point ender.                

  RED LIGHT  - JUST get the ball back, preferably unattackable. Play to hit another ball!

*You need to check all of the boxes before attacking a ball;


2. Am I at the NVL line?

3. Is it a GREEN LIGHT ball?

* At the Non Volley Line, Chest High - Let it Fly 

* ALL DAY LONG:  We love to dink so much that we CAN do it all day long!

* LESS is MORE:  Short and simple strokes at the NVZ. We don't have to go around the world to get to the same place.


* BREATHE:  Out when you are hitting the ball.  It will help you relax and keep your hands soft at the NVZ.

* HAPPY FEET NOT WELCOME:  Move less, not more at the NVZ.

* OWN THE LINE:  When you step back off the NVZ, reset back to it if rally is neutral, otherwise, you give up the offense.

* Dinking- must have SOFT HANDS and SLOW paddle head speed. 

*Make That Sucker Bounce! - Goal at NVL (Non Volley Line) is to deliver ball to your opponent on the bounce.  This helps keep your dinking unattackable.  (Simone Jardim)

 * Don't start the BATTLE if you can't win the WAR. 

Transition Zone:

*No Man's Land = Land of OPPORTUNITY.

*BLOCK and DROP through the transition zone (Land of Opportunity)

* DON'T CHASE YOUR TRASH.  If your transition shot is high and attackable, do NOT follow it in! WAIT TO BE INVITED to the net.

* Return and RUN, Serve and YIELD:  Self explanatory.

Body Mechanics:

*Kinetic chain - Don't break it.  Our shoulders, hip and ankles stay in alignment.  (Sarah Ansboury)

*RECS: We need to keep our strokes REPEATABLE, EFFICIENT, COMPACT, SIMPLE!

* Paddle UP:  Not just UP but OUT IN FRONT!

* We don't do straight lines or sharp angles. We need SOFT knees and SOFT elboes at ALL times.

*Get your LEGS in the game.

* Reset Reset RESET:  You have not finished executing your shot until you have reset your body and paddle to your athletic stance.

*PUNCH VOLLEY - Think high-five.

* Target Up:   The target on your chest needs to stay UP facing the fence behind your opponents with your knees soft and relaxed.


* CREATE SPACE:  You must move so that you can hit EVERY ball from ANYWHERE on the court in FRONT of you. Don't let the ball be a SPACE INVADER.

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