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Custom private and group lessons allow me to focus exclusively  on you or your small group. These lessons will address your questions and those areas where you feel you need specific instruction. This will translate into drills and strategies to help you gain confidence and improve your game. Per USA Pickleball guidelines, instructor to student ratios will not exceed 8 to 1.


Private Lesson: 60 minutes ($125/hour)

Semi-Private Lesson: 90 minutes ($90/player)

or 60 minutes ($60/player)

3 and Me: 90 minutes ($55/player)

Group of 4: 90 minutes ($50/player)

Group of 8: 90 minutes ($45/player)

Playing Lessons are also offered and are a popular choice  for 3 or 4 players. Immediate feedback is given during game play with focus on shot selection and court positioning.

Group of 3 or 4: 90 minutes ($55/$50/player)






















In order to provide clients an environment conducive to learning, lessons will be cancelled at Deb's discretion, due to high winds, extreme temperatures, rain or unforeseen circumstances.


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